Hello, my name
is Jonas, welcome
to my portfolio.

I am a Brazilian seasoned product designer (UI/UX), based in Berlin. I’ve designed products for fintechs, real estate, e-commerce, sports and food industry.

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About me

I embarked on my design journey back in 2011, working for an e-commerce company. Over the years, I've had the privilege of learning from talented individuals across diverse industries. In my current role as a Senior Product Designer at Ziegert, I take charge of the end-to-end design process, leading a team of two senior and one junior product designer while continuously advocating for data-driven and user centric design.

My principles:

Simple solutions to test great hypotheses.
Transparency and data boost team’s creativity.
Go beyond the boundary of "design"

My work

Crafting Dream Homes: Discover and Personalize the Ideal Home

#ProductDesign #UI/UX #RealEstate

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Mapping Success: Unveiling a B2B SaaS Analytical Tool

#ProductDesign #B2B #Saas #RealEstate

Comming soon
White label football’s fans platform

#ProductDesign #UI/UX #DesignSystem

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Research study about Brazilian Truck Art

#Research #Etnography #Pattern

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Crafting e-commerce journey to coffee lovers

#ProductDesign #UI/UX #E-commerce

Explore Case Study
Research study about Brazilian Truck Art

#Research #Etnography #Pattern

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Unique iconography for telecommunications company

#UI #Icons #Telecomunications

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Beyond work

Keep running with my wife, Ana

Bruce Lee once said that running is the most democratic sport, all you need is a par of shoes. I enjoy running as this is both a way to enter a meditative state and also a good exercise to do with Ana.

Supporting “Circo de Québra” project

Since 2016 I colaborate with "Circo de Québra" with my design and strategic expertise. Together we promote cultural and enviromental activities in alleys and stairways in São Paulo’s outskirt.

“Memoráveis” Research group

I research, write and learn in a group of 43 Brazilian researcher associated with multiple universities. Currently, we are working to publish a design research methodology book, and I am one of the authors.

Cooking delicious vegan food

I cultivated my passion for cooking under the influence of my grandfather and mother. Preparing vegan food presents a creative challenge for me, offering a delightful opportunity to serve delicious meals to family and friends.


Let's create exceptional experiences together. Reach out for collaborations, insights, or just a good design chat!

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I crafted my portfolio using Framer and a touch of React. Coming soon as a Framer template—reach out if interested!